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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Proposed Guam law would term-limit appointees, agency heads

A proposed bill would limit the terms of members of boards, commissions, heads of executive branch agencies and public corporations to two years, in order to promote greater accountability in government.

Bill No. 345-34 (COR), introduced Friday by Vice Speaker Therese M. Terlaje, would undo a previous reform effort which gave longer terms to agency heads and commission members, an attempt to remove political pressure from the boards and commissions and directors, but which in fact insulated some agency heads, especially in autonomous agencies, from public scrutiny.

Per the Competitive Wage Act of 2014, most directors receive a minimum of $90,000 a year. Yet, acquiring pertinent and timely information from agencies is difficult, with senators resorting to FOIA requests for information that should be made readily available.

“Limiting terms to two years will require more frequent confirmation hearings on appointments to these positions of public trust, significantly increasing the opportunity for the public to comment on the performance of public servants and for legislative oversight to take place,” said Vice Speaker Terlaje.


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