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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Mormon group credited for Yap MicroGames work, donation

John G. Mangefel, Yap State Department of Youth Services;

Joshua Libyan and Michelle Chugen, Our YAP; Jim Hachi-

geiresh, District President, The Church of Jesus Christ of

Latter-day Saints (Photo: Joyce McClure)

Colonia, Yap. During the 2018 Micro Games, among the hundreds of volunteers who pitched in and provided support was a group from Mormon Helping Hands, the community service organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In addition, a group from the church’s two local Yap branches located in Colonia and Thol helped clear out desks, chairs and other furniture from the schoolrooms at Yap High School before it was turned into the athletes village. And a team of media and technical experts arrived from Japan, Korea, Guam and Pohnpei to make sure fans from around the region and the world could cheer on their favorite athletes from afar.

The all-volunteer group brought equipment along with their expertise and worked with local volunteers to set up live streaming of the Games. They also took photos of the competitions that were posted online and shot videos that are now being edited and will be uploaded to YouTube. Then, when the two-week-long quadrennial event came to a close, they left three new laptops with an offer to donate them to a worthy organization in Yap.

OurYAP (Our Youth are Promising), a nonprofit dedicated to promoting “the well-being and development of Yaps’ Youth for the benefit of all people of the state,” was the recipient. Supported by the Yap State Department of Youth Services, OurYAP encourages Youth Networking and the dissemination of “ideas among youth clubs, develop[s] youth plans, ideas and coordinate[s] youth programs and activities within their respective communities.”

LDS District President, Jim Hachigeiresh, presented the laptops to OurYAP representatives Michelle Chugen and Joshua Libyan in the presence of John G. Mangefel, Yap State Department of Youth Services.

“OurYAP did a great job during the Micro Games as volunteers,” said Hachigeiresh. “We know that OurYAP will put the laptops to good use. Helping Hands is always willing to help in any way we can,” he added. “We are always available for anyone in need no matter what the need is.”

With this donation, the young members of OurYAP can now realize their own mission of service, as well.

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