Agent Orange survivors seeking to fly back to Guam

Guam veterans are seeking travel assistance to fly to Guam and direct federal investigators to the actual spots where they said Agent Orange were sprayed.

Brian Moyer, one of the Agent Orange survivors, wrote to Delegate Madeleine Bordallo, requesting to find the appropriate funding to bring several Guam veterans and support staff back to the island “to show the soil collection contractors where to collect soil samples where Agent Orange and related herbicides were sprayed on Andersen AFB and Navy Base Guam during the Vietnam War and post war era.”

The Government Accountability Office is currently conducting a comprehensive study regarding alleged Agent Orange use, storage, or transshipment on Guam.

The GAO has already sent investigators to Guam and conducted several on-island interviews.

GAO also continues to identify and review shipping logs for vessels that transported Agent Orange between the mainland United States and

Vietnam to determine if such vessels made port calls on Guam.

Moyer’s request came on the heels of report that initial sampling found no conclusive evidence of the presence of Agent Orange.

Brian Moyer