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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Liberation Day message from Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo

Hafa Adai my fellow Guamanians! For 74 years we have enjoyed peace on Guam. Many of us don’t know and hopefully will never know the horrors of living through war – but on Liberation Day we honor our those who survived and those who died so that we could have this life of harmony and liberty. We, perhaps more than any other community in this nation, are cognizant of the price for the life we enjoy today. We are reminded in the stories of our Manåmko. We also recall the stories of our liberators those many years ago who landed on our coasts on July 21, 1944

Their courage and commitment to the tenets of peace have fostered a patriotism on Guam that is unmatched. But with that, we also have seen many of our sons and daughters pay the ultimate cost of the fight to maintain peace – today we also we mourn their loss, we remember their lives and we are grateful to them. On this Liberation Day, we thank God for peace but we also thank Him for the men and women whose bravery and love of their people and island surpasses all fears. To our men and women in the Armed Services, whether you are serving here on Guam, on the U.S. continent, or in a foreign country, know that you have our gratitude, our prayers and our love. Un dangkolo na si Yu’us Ma’åse'. Biba Guam, Biba Liberation!

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