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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Your new Medicare card is in the mail

Meanwhile, your old card will work just fine

An old Medicare card

The Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services, would like to inform the community that new Medicare Cards are on the way.

Mailing cards takes at least a month in each state or territory, so you might get your new Medicare card at a different time than friends or neighbors

in your area. You can still use your old Medicare card until your new card arrives. If you haven’t received your new card yet, it’s okay they are still

being mailed. Please ensure your mailing address is correct with your Social Security office.

The new Medicare card has a new look and a new unique Medicare Number, instead of a Social Security number, to better protect your personal

identity. Your Medicare coverage and benefits will stay exactly the same.

If you’ve already received your new card, that’s great! Destroy the old card and start using the new one right away.

For more information about Medicare, visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website at

Locally accessible assistance to learn more about Medicare is also provided by the Guam Medicare Assistance Program

at the Division of Senior Citizens (DSC), DPHSS. To schedule an appointment to see a Guam MAP counselor, call DSC at 735-7415 or 735-7421


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