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Terlaje bares reelection platform

Vice Speaker Therese M. Terlaje (D-Yoña) filed her candidacy with Guam Elections Commission seeking another term as senator for the Guam Legislature.

In her first term thus far, Terlaje has introduced legislation and amendments focused on protecting the health, safety and environment for working families, promoting transparency within the government, and pursuing justice for the people of Guam.

Twelve of Terlaje’s bills have become public laws and three substantive resolutions were passed in the 34th Guam Legislature. As chairperson of the Committee on Culture and Justice, Terlaje has held seven informational briefings in an effort to provide spaces for public engagement and transparency.

“I will continue to pursue justice for the people of Guam, advocate for control of our natural resources in order to grow our economy, and work hard to ensure there is truth and transparency in government,” she said.

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