Guam Sen. Aguon demands wider corruption investigation

Bill would let whistleblowers sue GovGuam if they're retaliated

against for exposing wrongdoing in the agency

Guam Sen. Frank B. Aguon Jr. is cheering on the efforts of his colleague, Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr. to get to the bottom of conflicting allegations concerning the operations of Guam Memorial Hospital, but Aguon is quite clear that the Government of Guam is ripe for a lot of similar investigations.

A rash of allegations of government corruption and apparent retaliatory actions on whistleblowers has prompted Aguon, to introduce Bill 301-34, which would protect public employees who expose wrongdoings in their respective agencies.

“These whistleblowers, despite any harm that may come to them, their careers and reputations, have come forward to protect the best interests of the people and for this, they deserve the utmost protection and support,” Aguon said. Aguon said Bill 301-34 will address “the tidal wave of corruption allegations and questionable decisions that have been made by leadership within the Guam Memorial Hospital, the Chamorro Land Trust Commission and the Guam Police Department.”

The bill seeks to expand current whistleblower statutes to include protection from retaliatory actions of unfavorable or inequitable treatment against employees disclosing information of government corruption. “No appointing authority or supervisor shall initiate or administer any disciplinary action or unfavorable or inequitable treatment against an employee on account of the employee’s disclosure of information,” the bill states.