Ted Talks

Former GMH administrator reveals power struggle , connivances and possible double-dipping by physicians

During his brief stint as CEO of the Guam Memorial Hospital, Ted Lewis said he was never able to go past the governor’s cordon sanitaire. Mark Calvo, the governor’s chief of staff, was the only person in Adelup who would see him. “I was never able to meet with the governor one-on-one during the time I was there,” Lewis said. “The chief of staff told me that anything I would like to discuss with the governor, I can discuss with him instead.”

Lewis left Guam in the first week of June 2016 after completing his consultancy contract, which he negotiated with the governor’s office after he was forced to step down on Jan. 11 of that year. He is now based in the northeast U.S.

His forced resignation did not exactly come as a surprise gi