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$10M in Guam tax refunds to be mailed out

$10 million in tax refund checks will be in the pockets of taxpayers this week. The Department of Revenue & Taxation and Department of Administration processed tax refund checks last week and prepped them to be mailed out Monday.

“These checks are going to more than 2,700 families around the island. Federal tax cuts made it difficult but we prioritized tax refunds,” Governor Calvo said. “With the passage of Public Law 34-87 - which provided for an increase in revenues and holds this government to $30 million in cuts for operational costs - we are able to pay more refunds as we move forward.” Sen. Joe San Agustin introduced the bill that would become PL34-87. Speaker B.J. Cruz, Sen. Tom Ada, Sen. Wil Castro, Sen. Jim Espaldon, Sen. Fernando Esteves, Sen. Tommy Morrison, and Sen. Louise Muna voted in favor of the bill. Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio reiterated the need to continue working together. “We thank the people of Guam who have been patient as we worked to find a solution to the decreased revenue. We also thank Team GovGuam for doing more with $30 million less, which helped get tax refunds out to our people.” This week’s refunds are for most of those taxpayers who filed up to Jan. 29.


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