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  • By Joyce McClure

Without a local paper, Yap students find an alternative

YCHS Juniors Tristan Ruway, Marciarose Matnan, Cyril Moofel catch up

on the news in between classes. Photos by Joyce McClure

Colonia, Yap-- Students at Yap Catholic High School are using the Pacific Island Times to learn about history and hone their reading comprehension skills. “Yap has no local newspaper,” said Principal Michael Wiencek, “so the students are learning about their island and the Micronesian region as they read the articles every month and discuss them in class. We're very grateful to the PacTimes for donating the papers to the school every month."

After the papers are received by the school, they are used by the teachers for classroom learning during the first week. The following week they are available for students to read on their own. By the third week, students can take them home for their families to read. “Our teachers also download articles to enhance their lessons from the PacTimes website that aren’t in the print version of the paper,” added Wiencek.

A journalism club has recently been organized by interested students who practice writing and critiquing articles. “It’s a great way to introduce the students to news they probably don’t get otherwise, as well as the added benefit of writing, reading and discussion skills,” said Wiencek.

YCHS Junior Marciarose Matnan checks the PacTimes website for up-to-date news


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