Traditional Yap chief axed for fishing deals with outsiders

Chinese, Koreans harvesting grouper and sea cucumber on the cheap in Ulithi Atoll

Chinese-crewed fishing boat in Ulithi Atoll

Colonia, Yap- Being a chief in Yap and its Outer Islands is taken very seriously and carries many responsibilities. Dismissal of chiefs is not taken lightly. When a chief is dismissed by the traditional council that he sits on, his abuse of power warranting such an action must be substantial.

The membership of Fernando Moglith, Chief of Fedrai in Ulithi, in the Council of Tamol was terminated this week.

A letter was sent to Moglith from Ramon Peyal, Chairman of the Council, dismissing him “effective immediately” based on a “diligent review of your past actions and assessments of such actions…” Those actions were deemed to have “created disputes, fiasco, and segregation between families and clans in the Neighboring Islands Community especially Fedrai.”

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