GOREX: UOG's connection to the Pacific Fiber-Optical Network

Hint: It's not named for Al Gore

The University of Guam has announced the completion of GOREX, the Guam Open Research and Education eXchange. UOG has spent 24 months putting the pieces of the system, which will allow Guam to connect to the Pacific Submarine Cable and connect to existing networks in Asia, the Americas, and Australia at very high speeds of internet.

The system is currently offered only to UOG students and faculty, but partners in its use may be created later. The ability to receive and send out data at a 100 gigabyte speed rate will take Guam's research and non-profit abilities to the next level, UOG president Robert Underwood predicted.

Using a model and infrastructure established by the University of Hawaii, a cyberteam from the University of Guam, with the help of two large National Science Foundation grants, and the Guam Telephone Authority brought in the high fib