Dare to wear a snake

While the government hunts brown tree snakes for eradication, local jeweler seeks them for ornament creation

From sea urchins and brown tree snake spines to million-year-old fossilized shark teeth, the materials Santa Rita, Guam resident Gordon Ritter uses to make his unconventional jewelry have passersby doing double takes.

“Not everyone would do this. You gotta be a little weird,” he jokes.

As biology teacher for more than 20 years, Ritter fuses his passion for science and crafts to make eye catching necklaces, pendants and earrings, which he sells with his wife under the business name Creations by Vicky.

Off-white pieces of snake spine and cratered black lava stone beads checkered the display case Ritter brought with him to an interview with Pacific Island Times.

In the 70s, Ritter started out making jewelry using sea urchin spines and puka shells. His craftiness also extended over the years to making ifit wood clocks and trophies.