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Six Guam prison officers charged with bribe-taking in providing 'ice' and services to prison

A message from Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Hafa Adai my fellow Guamanians,

Earlier this year, Chief Joseph I. Cruz reported to myself and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio that he and other police chiefs across the region were worried about the rise in use of crystal methamphetamine.

Too many of us have seen the results of what meth can do to someone. It’s one of the reasons why First Lady Christine Calvo has had to fight so hard to get an emergency shelter for children. It’s likely one of the reasons we have so many people — good people — who used to have jobs and homes, now roaming aimlessly on the streets without a sense of hope or direction.

This is why I created the MANDANA Drug Task Force — to save lives and hopefully keep the insidious effects of illegal drugs from devastating the lives of more of our people.

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and the group of men and women who make up the task force are doing a great job.

I hope the message is clear: This administration takes the distribution of illegal substances seriously. The mission of the task force includes suppression, detection and disruption of narcotic and illicit drug activity through vigilance, interagency collaboration and public awareness initiatives to further support law enforcement duties.

But I also continue my plea to those who struggle against the disease of drug abuse. You are not alone. Call Behavioral Health. There are programs that can help. Or if you have a loved one whom you know needs help, call and let’s see if together we can encourage them to seek help.

It’s tough, I know. But this war against drugs is one we cannot afford to lose, because in losing we lose the lives of those we love. And their lives are worth every effort.

If we come together, I know we can win.

God Bless You and God Bless the People of Guam.

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