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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Volunteers clean up a 'mythical' mess threatening Dededo, Guam water wells

Volunteers attack Dededo trash Photo, Office of the Governor of Guam

The weekend volunteers who assembled at Guam's Dededo Village faced a task worthy of Hercules, the hero of Greek mythology, who re-routed two rivers to clean out the foul and filthy stables of the tyrant king Augeas. Of course this would likely violate present-day E.P.A. regulations if they haven't already been revoked by the Trump administration.

The site was an area off of Chalan Lumasu in Dededo where people had been dumping trash, seemingly forever. Consumers of Guam water should particularly be aware that the area is nestled between three water wells.

On top of this significant aquifer, according to the Guam governor's office, volunteers found bottles of cleaners, several paint buckets, and other hazardous materials — most of which were rusted through. One can had a coconut crab inside of it. Some piles of trash were home to rhino beetle larvae.

That was in addition to In addition to regular household trash, tires, appliances and furniture. About 200 volunteers helped pick up more than 50 cubic yards of household trash, another 30 cubic yards of tires, and at least 30 cubic yards of white goods.

“The work done this morning in Dededo was important to our entire community. We’re talking about mounds of household trash, white goods, metallic waste, and tires, just sitting above the aquifer that supplies our island's water,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said. “I want to thank everyone who came out today.”


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