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Guam Senator Ada bill on digital billboards

A bill recently introduced by Senator Tom Ada would take another crack at controlling off-premise signs and digital billboards, revisiting an issue last addressed in 1980.

Senator Ada's Bill No. 154-34 (COR) refers to these signs, contending that "Contemporary public policy is needed to ensure that off-premise signs, digital or static, do not distract drivers and endanger the public safety on Guam’s roads, that the aesthetics of the community environment are protected, and that off-premise signs are placed and operated in a manner that does not harm surrounding properties.”

Senator Ada said the local regulations on signage have not kept pace with advancements in technology or "changing community values."

Senator Ada

Ada said his bill will establish a thorough permitting process, and place limits on the size, brightness, and placement of off-premise signs.

“If managed properly, off-premise signs can provide significant public benefit, including the ability to disseminate important public service announcements in a timely manner, such as Amber Alerts and storm warnings,” said Senator Ada. “The bill strikes a balance that preserves the ability for businesses to promote their interests, while mitigating the potential harms posed by unregulated signs.”

Ada said Bill 154-34 will be referred to a committee for public hearing and will likely undergo several rounds of working meetingsto further discuss the details of the policy to regulate off-premise signs.

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