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Marching toward the Guam invasion, July 17, 1944

The air and artillery blitz of Guam is 12 days old, prompting the New York Times to move this war story up to page 7.

On the other hand, details of the not entirely complete fighting on Saipan are just emerging and they are not pretty.

Readers on the mainland are learning of the counter-attack near Tanapag, by Japanese armed with everything from light machine guns and rifles to grenades, swords and knives.

Survivors reported that American wounded were killed by the rag-tag advance forces.

Eventually the American line held and its forces went on the offensive, with machines guns, rifles and flame throwers, blasting Japanese troops hidden in holes and caves.

The Saipan mop-up and aftermath was a top line story in Australia and across the U.S.

Brutal house-to-house street fighting raged throughout Garapan. Click to see National Archives footage.

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