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Marching toward the Guam invasion, July 6, 1944

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz on Guam

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz on Guam

Much of what stateside Americans knew about the faraway war in the Pacific came from Admiral Chester W. Nimitz at his various headquarters in the Mariana Islands. Admiral Nimitz addressed the winding down fighting on Saipan.

The Associated Press story on this day was steeped in the bellicose language of the day:

"Japanese reverses in almost every battle area of the vast Pacific-Asiatic theater of war were officially reported today as Allied land, sea and air forces scored new triumphs over Nippon arms.

U.S. Marines and soldiers on bloody Saipan were getting set for the final crushing blow to Japanese opposition on that vital island within bombing range of Japan.

Tokyo radio reported yesterday that an American task force and carrier planes continued their powerful strikes in the Bonin and Volcano Islands, north of Saipan."

Meanwhile, in a world at war, the European theater largely dominated the front pages.

The Germans killed nearly 3,000 civilians in London in a terror attack with what were then known as 'robot' bombs, carried by what were later identified as V2 rockets.

And the advance of allied forces after the invasion of the previous month was continuing at Normandy.

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