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  • By Pacific Island Times Staff

Guam Senators At Odds On Regulation of Giant Signs

Guam Senators Mike San Nicolas and Frank B. Aguon Jr. have introduced competing pieces of legislation purporting to “modernize” regulation of the gigantic electronic signs that have been popping up on island in recent years.

The Attorney General's Office recently declared electronic sign variances granted by the Guam Land Use Commission Guam illegal, leaving businesses who've erected the signs out of compliance.

On the floor of the Guam Legislature, Senator San Nicolas, also the Rules Committee Chair, defended his bill against implications that it amounts to policy being set by special interest parties who donate the most money.

The bill was sent to the voting file.

Meanwhile, Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. is requesting that his similar legislation, Bill 116, get a public hearing, his second request. Aguon sent a letter to the Senator Thomas C. Ada, Chair of the Committee on Environment, Land, Agriculture, and Procurement Reform, maintaining that his legislation on the jumbo signs would allow the permitting problems to be resolved within existing law.

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