Growing up with clouds across the room

Manila-- Two years ago in Abu Dhabi while attending a media seminar back-to-back with an international tobacco conference, I listened to Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, speaking as director general of her country’s cancer foundation, sum up my experience growing up with smokers at a time when there were no “no smoking” signs yet.

“While running around as a kid with my grandmothers relaxing, I remember there were always clouds of smoke across the room,” she said. The Jordanian royalty is known for communicating a healthy lifestyle to young people who are looking at shisha inhaled from a hookah or water pipe, aside from e-cigarettes that are becoming dangerously popular and acceptable, as the cooler alternatives to the traditional cigarette.

She said many smokers and shisha producers and sellers defend shisha as a better version of cigarettes because the water that vaporizes the smoke cleans the harmful content of tobacco .

“Nicotine and all of tobacco’s’ harmful contents in whatever way they are