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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

DOA tasked to conduct update on Hay Study

Gov. Eddie Calvo on Thursday instructed Department of Administration Director Christine Baleto to conduct an update on the Hay Study, which was executed in January 2014.

“Many of the problems surrounding recruitment and morale in line agencies center on employees’ perception of inequity,” Calvo said in a letter to Baleto. “This study will address the concern.”

A triennial update of the Hay Study is due in accordance with law. Calvo said DOA has not been able to comply with the law due to a lack of funding and manpower.

While the previous study focused on external competitiveness, the law also calls for annual updates for internal equity.

Calvo tasked DOA to update the pay scales in both areas. The immediate task is a report to the Governor of the cost and resources needed for this update to happen.

This same law also requires the government to review pay for internal equity every year. This has not been done in the past, and Calvo is tasking DOA to lead the government into compliance with this mandate.

“Our compliance with this requirement will result in a balanced approach to address the concerns of the public as well as our employees,” the governor said. (Times News Staff)

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