Trump teach-in at UOG calls for independent political status

In the spirit of the anti-Vietnam War teach-ins that informed opposition to that war in the 1960s, members of the Guam Commission on Decolonization Tuesday night harnessed the confusion and fear resulting from the election of Donald J. Trump to make a case for an independent political status for the island.

A press release promoting the session at the University of Guam from members of the Commission’s Independence Guahan Task Force, emphasized that regardless of Guam’s overwhelming but meaningless vote in support of Secretary Hillary in the Guam straw poll, little would change without a political status change. (Other Decolonization task forces favor statehood or free association for the island).

“As a possession of the U.S., we had no say in Trump’s election and we will continue to have no control over what policies he or the US Congress might soon create,” the release said.

Dr. Michael Bevacqua told students and community members gathered in a UOG classroom that the election results once again illustrate Guam’s powerlessness. “This is what it is like in an unincorporated territory. Your vote doesn’t matter. We are not included in American democracy.”

Bevacqua said that social media had inflated what few things Trump actually said about the territories during his campaign: “Everyone’s uncle who served in the military too long and everyone’s auntie who is afraid, they all were saying this, like Donald Trump won’t be so bad because he will make sure we are not ignored. You should not believe this, though that this statement was in lots of Donald Trump’s p