American Samoans are US citizens, federal court rules

December 14, 2019

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December 11, 2019

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Economists weigh the net effects of federal tax cuts vs Guam's tax hikes 

Starting Oct. 1, you will fork out an extra 76 cents for a 50-lb. bag of jasmine rice regularly priced at $37.99. You will...

   Saying “the crisis isn’t over,” Gov. Eddie B. Calvo said will meet with senators to discuss reorganization to create a streamlined and more efficient government. “That’s not going to be an easy tas...

March 17, 2018

Twin bills seek to raise sin tax, property improvement tax

  As Guam consumers and taxpayers brace for the 2 percent sales tax and business privilege tax increase under newly signed laws, a pair of new...

March 4, 2018

Rodriguez proposes elimination of funding for governor's office, legislature

Fire and police stations are closed today after Gov. Eddie B. Calvo and the senators hit a deadlock on the governor’s propos...

March 4, 2018

 Adelup has been spewing out hysterical press releases, warning of payless paydays, furloughs and possible cuts in government programs and services unless the Guam Legislature succumbs to its proposal...

  Corporate tax incentives. Government health insurance reform. Government pay hike rollback. In lieu of the Calvo administration’s tax hike proposal, senators have offered these alternatives to rescu...

February 4, 2018

 Guam Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks and Llewelyn Terlaje

It’s pretty clear already that the massive tax cuts for which President Trump and his Congressional supporters are loudly claiming credit a...

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