Advisory panel on government reorganization formed

February 26, 2020

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Acting Department of Corrections Director Frank Ishizaki has signed 28 offer letters to potential recruits in an effort to address the manpower shortage at DOC.

Funding for the new recruits will come...

Minority Leaders Wil Castro on Tuesday urged the Department of Corrections to explore a possible partnership with other jurisdictions and the federal government to build a regional penitentiary.


And they'll pay for it too

Guam already has a “Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Act” which was enacted in 2015, but it's more or less a dead letter, since rules for it were never adopted. As a res...

Freshman Republican Sen. James Moylan has one policy of former Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo that he wants to keep in force during the new administration at Adelup.

Moylan's Resolution 81-35 which would reque...

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