Advisory panel on government reorganization formed

February 26, 2020

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June 30, 2019

The government of Guam’s total public debt ticked past $2.6 billion as of 2017, leaving every Guam citizen in debt of $16,106.2, according to the Government Accountability Office’s public debt outlook...

June 30, 2019

GAO: Military’s efforts to preserve historic properties leave much to be desired

The Department of Defense, although tasked by the National Historic Preservation Act as a steward of historic properties...

December 6, 2018

USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) approaches the pier while returning home to Guam, June 29.

Photo by U.S. Navy/CSSN Jonathan Perez

Manpower shortages at Navy shipyards have been causing significant backlogs...

November 15, 2018

One ship carrying Agent Orange stopped on Guam en route to Vietnam

AT least one ship carrying Agent Orange stopped on Guam on its way to Vietnam but no record exists showing that any cargo actually lan...

October 2, 2018

There’s Agent Orange at Andersen Air Force Base, detectable nuclear fallout from Pacific testing and Polychlorinated biphenyls in Merizo. Now, add anthrax to the list of contaminants dumped on Guam by...

GAO says both countries have no clear fiscal plans for 2023 transition

Achieving fiscal stability will likely be a challenge for the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Marshall Islands...

But even defense officials don’t know what on earth it means

  “Rebalancing to the Pacific” is a phrase that has been tossed around a lot since President Obama announced in 2011 that the United States...

Amid China’s announcement that its new missile called the "Guam killer" is now in service, the U.S. Government Accountability Office has released a report noting some operational impediments being fac...

April 13, 2018

But recruiting, retaining doctors is a serious problem

For many years, U.S. military veterans--an estimated 50,000 of them--scattered throughout the Pacific in places like Guam, Saipan and American Sam...

March 28, 2018

The U.S. Air Force had slashed funding for three projects at Anderson Air Force Base and reprogrammed the cost savings to build an aircraft repair facility, a $34.4-million project which Congress auth...

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