Guam safe housing act moves forward

January 22, 2020

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December 5, 2019

In a reversal of roles, talk show host Andrea Pellacani finds herself in the hot seat as she answers questions about her job at Newstalk K57 and her life outside the radio booth. Pellacani, the voice...

April 1, 2019

A Guam-based manager of an unnamed air carrier allegedly embezzled around $491,000, which were taken from the passenger facility charges (PFC) collected by air carriers at the time of air travel ticke...

March 24, 2019

The Federated States of Micronesia Supreme Court handed judgment in a landmark human trafficking case involving a taxi driver who took minors to provide sexual services to fishermen.

The issue of taxi...

May 3, 2017


Guam has come a long way from the early 20th century when the Guam Cable Station connected the island to Hawaii. Today, the old station ruins near Sumay have been registered under the Nat...

May 3, 2017

    2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the Doomsday Clock. Throughout the years, the minute hand has hovered dangerously close to midnight then set back a few minutes again, indicating that humanity h...

April 5, 2017

   Is there a palpable cloud of post-election trauma over a huge part of the American population?

   If reports are to be believed, this collective feeling has been spreading across the nation, Wh...

March 7, 2017

Guam lies on the path of an interlocking network of submarine cables making the island an important telecommunications hub in the region. Since the establishment of the Guam Cable Station in the early...

March 3, 2017

   At the time of the waning crescent moon in February, individuals gathered at midnight in various locations all over the world to create their own sacred space. Wiccans and even Christians, Kabbalah...

February 6, 2017

Navigating through the digital online jungle of destination sites, mobile apps, and whatnot could be a labyrinthine task for some, but digital omnivores thrive in this online habitat. They navigate th...

February 6, 2017

One of the more interesting stories to ever come out of the recent U.S. presidential elections involves an attempt to purchase an .mp website to domain hack a website. While in some cases purch...

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